1st International Congress of
Gynecological Oncology


9 -11 July 2020,
Bucharest, Romania


1st International Congress of Gynecological Oncology
by Charité Medical University and UMF “Carol Davila”

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On the 9 and 11 of July 2020, Charité Medical University, Berlin and Carol Davila Medical University, Bucharest will organize the first international congress of gynecological oncology. This event is meant to present state of the art in the management of gynecological oncology as also to offer an attractive platform for networking, exchanging ideas and establishing new collaborators.

Dear colleagues and friends

In the interest of the health, safety and well-being of all registered attendees, our patients and families, as well as the general public, the 1st International Congress of Gynecological Oncology has decided to cancel all in-person attendance and face-to-face activities. This decision has been taken due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and in full support of public authorities in Europe and the World in their effort to slow the spread of the disease.

Difficult times ask for creative and courageous solutions which may also open new avenues for a better future. We must stay positive, strong and united more than ever to come through this crisis. Accordingly, the Board has decided to organize the Congress as Virtual Congress for July 09-11, 2020 and offer to the community the possibility for education, scientific news and best practice exchange without leaving home.

The Corona pandemic is putting our society under an incredible health, emotional and economic burden. The bord has decided, with its industry partners, to make its contribution to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic in offering the on-line participation to the Virtual Congress free-of-charge.

All sessions will be available on-demand for all the register participants. If you have already registered for the Congress, your fees will be refunded.

Scientific committee

Prof. Dr. EI Braicu

Prof. Dr. G. Peltecu

Prof. Dr. J. Sehouli

Confirmed international speakers

  • EI Braicu (Germany),
  • O. Dorigo (US),
  • C. Fotopoulou (UK),
  • C. Gourley (UK),
  • M.Gultekin (Turkey),
  • D. Lorusso (Italy),
  • M. Mirza (Denmark),
  • A. Mustea (Germany),
  • S. Pignata (Italy),
  • M. Seckl (UK),
  • J. Sehouli (Germany),
  • M. Untch (Germany),
  • P. Wimberger (Germany)
  • J. Ledermann (UK)
  • R. Chekerov (Germany)
  • H. Gabra (UK)

    On the 11th of July we will organize one day of communications and workshops dedicated to patients with ovarian cancer.